PMV short throw mounts €150


Universal Short Throw Projector Mount

General Specification:

  • 735mm – 1420mm Throw distance (centre of fixing points)

  • Telescoping boom

  • 100mm height adjustment on wall fixing plate

  • Maximum fixing points 325mm x 325mm

  • Max weight loading – 15Kg


TM-1200 Universal Projector Ceiling Mount €110


TTM-CCv2 tilthe Techmount is a universal projector ceiling bracket designed to secure 99% of data projectors safety and sturdily to ceilings. It has built in flexibility allowing quick assembly in a number of different configurations, including “flush-mount” where the projector is as close to the ceiling as possible.

The fixed pole has greater rigidity than telescopic mounts and because it is cut it to length onsite it has an infinitely variable length. The overall length when the tilting mechanism is in place is 1420mm. A 1m male-to-female extension pole is available which can be daisy-chained.

Tired of putting a projector and laptop together for meetings or hall assemblies ?? this is a very Versatile unit and easy to set up in minutes (please note models may change from time to time , email me for the latest Prices.

Projector Trolley  – Includes Optional Equipment Shelf

General Specification:

  • 500mm x 400mm projector tray

  • No straps included

  • Max projector weight loading – 12Kg



  • 1710mm maximum projector plinth height

  • 1020mm minimum plinth height

  • Plinth can tilt 65° upwards (with projector secured)

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