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the most powerful interactive whiteboarding solution.

eBeam transforms any flat surface into a plug-n-play, interactive teaching experience. With a built in rechargeable battery and a wireless dongle to connect to your computer, room setup is flexible and easy and now completely wireless.

eBeam Wireless with rechargeable pen

The ease of plug and play interactivity.

eBeam Edge+ allows you to place your computer up to 50 meters from your interactive space. Connect the Edge+ Wireless Dongle to an available USB port on your computer and, Voilà! Instant access to a fully-feature interactive environment.


Interactive shouldn’t be expensive

No need for costly electronic whiteboards or new projectors. eBeam Edge+ makes your classroom interactive with your existing whiteboard, projector, and Mac or PC computer.

Make any flatscreen TV instantly interactive.

Using the display bracket included with the Edge+, you can transform any flatscreen display into a fully interactive and connected device.

10 Point Touch Tactile Board ​ Installed for under €1200 makes this the cheapest 10 touch board on the market today comes with speakers

The 94 “Fixed Interactive Whiteboard , with its erasable surface for use with markers, has been designed to be as efficient and intuitive as possible for use in the classroom or in the office with a non-interactive projector.

Multitouch interactive whiteboard

The TBI 94 “, made touch-sensitive with the finger and the stylus thanks to the infrared sensors inserted in the periphery of the board, allows several users to intervene simultaneously on the board by supporting up to 10 points of touch.

Complete TBI software

The interactive whiteboard  94 “is provided with TBI software which includes a set of useful features to animate and enrich a course or presentation: annotation, handwriting recognition, creation or insertion of figures, import of multimedia documents, creation slides …

Accessories to complete your TBI

The interactive whiteboard  has the advantage of being completed by a series of very useful and practical accessories: an electric support on wheels with an arm to fix a video projector, speakers, an active pen tray …


Complete your Touch TBI with custom designed 40W speakers. €150

Speakers come free when TBI board is purchased or they are to buy as a replacement.

Interactive pen tray for TBI tactile €150

Add to your TBI an interactive pen tray, an accessory that allows you to manage 4 different colored pencils and an eraser (included in the pen).

Height adjustable mobile electric roller stand for TBI €900

This electric mobile stand is compatible with tactile TBIs and with a short or ultra-short focal length Projectors

Wireless Transmitter for TBI Touch €120

Thanks to the wireless TBI touch transmitter , you no longer need a USB cable. This transmitter allows you to wirelessly transmit the interactivity of your board to a PC.

Whiteboard eBeam Protection Cover €60

Tired of your Ebeam falling off your board ???Protect your ebeam with this casing and it will prevent your ebeam from being damaged .

Rechargeable eBeam for the ebeam Classic €115

This unit is for the Oldest eBeam receiver and WILL NOT WORK with the NEW Edge Plus receiver. This is the dark grey triangle shaped receiver that is in the picture to the right.

EBeam Classic €550

Plug into your computer, project and your projection screen becomes a giant interactive surface!

The eBeam Mobile Interactive Whiteboard is the most practical, lightweight, easy-to-use interactive whiteboard (TBI) on the market. It is worth less than one third of most interactive interactive tables. 

EBeam Projection Interactive Board 122 x 150 cm €750

The eBeam Projection fixed interactive whiteboard consists of these different elements:

  • a whiteboard 122 x 150 cm (190 cm diagonal);
  • eBeam Projection mobile USB TBI (with interactive stylus);
  • a protective shell for eBeam Projection.

The enameled steel whiteboard allows you to write with a felt, while being able to interact with the TBI’s stylus.

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