Speedtech's Promise

At speedtech customer service  is most important and minimizing downtime in your school/Business is very important to us, we offer a next day Delivery service right to your premises on all makes of  Projector Lamps . once we can establish make and model we can place the order for you , we also offer a fitting service as some projector may require to be taken down to install the lamp. we however do recommend you give your projector a service before installing a new lamp to prolong the life of your new lamp,

dust in projectors can not only damage lenses, components and lesses the life of your projector but it also can shorten the life of the lamp .

contact us today on the email above to get a free Assessment on your IT equipment 

  • have it done right by the Professionals. 

Quality lamps that you can rely on!

Difference between quality lamps and cheap lamps .

Diamond Lamps

We source our projector lamps directly from the World’s leading lamp manufacturers (the same companies who supply the leading projector brands) and we build them into our own high quality cages to make lamp modules. As a result, our lamp modules always deliver outstanding performance in terms of colour, lifetime and brightness.


And, with fewer steps to market, Diamond Lamps can be priced up to 50% lower than lamps bought as replacements under the original projector brands.

Original manufacturers’ lamps:

Diamond Lamps has a unique set of agreements to buy directly from the four leading original lamp manufacturers: Philips, Osram, Ushio and Phoenix. These companies are able to produce lamps to the necessary performance, reliability and longevity standards required by all the projector brands. Between them they hold many patents for the lamp technologies involved, for more information see our technology page.

Highest quality cages:

Diamond lamps are assembled into very high quality cages made precisely to fit correctly into the relevant projectors, simply and safely. All Diamond Lamp modules are tested with the projectors before they are released for sale.

Quality assured:

The resulting Diamond Lamps modules are guaranteed to fit perfectly into each projector and to give optimum performance.

Wide range of Products

Diamond Lamps offer lamp modules to fit over three thousand projector models new and old from all the projector manufacturers.


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